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Morning stroll in Ritsurin Garden & sanuki udon making experience

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Price : JPY 14,400

  • Morning stroll in Ritsurin Garden & sanuki udon making experience

Morning stroll in Ritsurin Garden & sanuki udon making experience

  • Tour by public transportation

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Enjoy the two most popular spots in Takamatsu City at once!
A local guide will take you on a highlight tour of Takamatsu’s most popular sightseeing spots. Enjoy strolling through Ritsurin Garden on a crisp morning and visit a factory that makes sanuki udon—only in Kagawa.
Try your hand at making udon noodles and enjoy the taste of freshly made udon with deep-fried tempura.

I. Take a leisurely stroll through Ritsurin Garden in the early morning while listening to your guide's commentary.
Take a leisurely stroll through Ritsurin Garden, a special place of scenic beauty, while listening to your guide explain about the history of Japanese gardens and esthetic values.
Only 24 Japanese gardens in Japan have been designated special places of scenic beauty. Many gardeners have spent long years pruning and directing the growth of plants in the gardens to preserve their beauty as a national treasure.

II. Enjoy an elegant Japanese-style boat ride and a matcha green tea ceremony!
After strolling around, you can take a break at Kikugetsu-tei Teahouse, a place beloved by feudal lords of the past, and appreciate lovely views of the entire Nanko Pond area while enjoying matcha green tea and sweets.
Take a Japanese-style boat ride, and enjoy the elegant scenery of Ritsurin Garden in style from the boat.

III. After a garden stroll, try your hand at making udon noodles—a specialty of Kagawa, the prefecture of udon!
After strolling around Ritsurin Garden, enjoy the unique experience of making udon in Kagawa, a prefecture renowned for its udon. Here’s your chance to make authentic sanuki udon with the help of an experienced instructor.
Enjoy your freshly made udon accompanied by crunchy tempura.

<Address of Meeting Place>
Entrance to Ritsurin Garden, in front of the Ritsurin-An souvenir shop
MAP: https://goo.gl/maps/Z4Y5U9NQiVZmXgMQ7

■ Access Using Public Transportation
Approximately 5 minutes by train from JR Takamatsu Station
Approximately 10-minute walk from JR Ritsurin-koen Kitaguchi Station

Tour Code

Basic Itinerary

(1) Ritsurin Garden (Japanese-style boat ride)
(2) Sanuki Mengyo (udon noodle-making workshop)
(3) Takamatsu Station


1 time(s)


Additional option for Lunch

  • Inari sushi (deep-fried tofu pockets of seasoned rice) (+220)


English speaking guide

Departure Note

2022-03-08 〜 2023-03-07   Sunday/Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Friday/Saturday
Dec 30, 2022 | Jan 1-3, 2023
300 minutes

Terms & Conditions

14 to 8 days prior to tour date
7 to 4 days before the service date
3 days to 1 day prior to the date of the tour
On the service date / No show


English Guide, entrance fee (Ritsurin Garden, Japanese-style boat ride, green tea ceremony), lunch/udon-making workshop (udon, tempura)

■ Not Included
Transportation costs to the meeting place, travel costs during the tour (bus or taxi fare from Ritsurin Garden to Sanuki Mengyo / Sanuki Mengyo to Takamatsu Station)

■ Note
・Allergies: Wheat
・The tour can still be held even if it rains, but in the event of strong winds or heavy rainfall, the Japanese-style boat ride in Ritsurin Garden may be cancelled. If this happen, the fee for the Japanese-style boat ride will be refunded.
・Please wear clothes that are comfortable to move in. An apron will be provided for the udon noodle-making workshop, but just in case, please wear clothes that you don't mind getting dirty.

Other Information

■ Participation Requirements

■ Price with Add-Ons
・Inari sushi (deep-fried tofu pockets of seasoned rice) (220 yen):
 *Requests for additional items must be made at the time of booking.

■ In Case of Incident (No-show, bad weather, arriving late, etc.)
・The tour may be cancelled due to weather conditions (strong winds, heavy rain, etc.).

Meeting Point

Entrance to Ritsurin Garden, in front of the Ritsurin-An souvenir shop






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