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1 Hour Private Photoshoot in Osaka

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Price : JPY 13,500

  • 1 Hour Private Photoshoot in Osaka

1 Hour Private Photoshoot in Osaka


NTA Good Point !

Let's leave your special photo in an hour during your trip!
We will arrange for a professional photographer to shoot at a location of your choice, in English, Chinese or Korean.
After the photo shoot, you will receive the original 100+ photos and 10 of your favorite photos retouched within a week.

* Arrangement of English, Chinese and Korean speaking photographers 
* Progress according to the location and time of the shoot in accordance with the customer's wishes
* Natural composition, spot understanding complete
* Can be booked up to 5 days in advance
* The data you will receive is in digital format. You will be asked to download and review the data.

Tour Code


English speaking assistant

Departure Note

2023-12-13 〜 2024-12-31   Sunday/Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Friday/Saturday
60 minutes

Terms & Conditions

3 days or less and No show


minimum pax:2
maximum pax:6

After the reservation is confirmed, so please direct any questions you may have there.
Holiday Travel Contact
Suwa: 080-4932-1677
Watanabe: 050-1754-3975

If rain is forecasted for the shooting spot 3 days prior to the shooting, or even if it is not forecasted, if it suddenly rains on the day of the shooting, the following three options are available: (1) change the date and time, (2) change the location, or (3) cancel the shooting.
In this case, you will be asked to choose from the following three options (1) In case of date/time change: Please let us know your preferred date/time again. (Due to the photographer's schedule, it has not yet been determined if the date can be changed as requested.)
(2) In the case of a change of location: Please choose from the indoor shooting spots we will show you and we will change the shooting location. (If it is sunny on the day of the shoot, we will shoot at the originally requested spot.)
(3) Cancellation: We will cancel the reservation with a full refund.
We will contact you once at least 3 days prior to the shoot. Please be advised that if rain is forecasted, we will contact you at that time.

Other Information

Discount available for a group of 5-6pax,please contact NTA.
The traveler is responsible for paying for public transportation and entrance fees to places that require entrance fees.
If you are late for the meeting time, the shooting time and the number of data to be delivered may be reduced.

Meeting Point

Osaka Castle:Osaka Castle Aoya-mon Gate/Dotonbori :Dotonbori Ebisubashi Police Box/Shinsekai:In front of Billiken Shrine/Nakazakicho:Nakazakicho Station ticket gates/Shitennoji Temple:East Gate of Shitennoji Temple/Namba Yasaka Shrine:In front of Shishiden/USJ:In front of BANK CARD ATM






This booking is NOT immediately confirmed. NTA will check the availability with the supplier and will get back to you with the result once we receive the answer from the supplier. The summary of your request will be sent to you after booking, so please keep it.