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WiFi router rental (Hotel delivery)

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Precio : JPY 7,000

  • WiFi router rental (Hotel delivery)

WiFi router rental (Hotel delivery)


NTA Buen punto!

The name of the WiFi reservation must be the same as the name of the hotel reservation. If the name is different, we will charge you 3,000 yen as a re-shipment fee.

Must have item for traveling in Japan!
We can deliver the mobile WiFi router all over Japan, including hotels and the airport. 
We offer it at the same price for up to 30 days!

【Information about rental WiFi router】

Data available: 250GB
・Communication speed: 4G (maximum at 187.5Mbps)
・Countinuous usage time: 10hours
・Maximum number of simultaneous connections available: 5
・Size of the device: H60xW104xD18.2mm
・Weight of the device: 150g
・Shipping fee and return envelope, insurance fee will be included.

Please write the number of devices you need in the number of people box!
If you need 1 WiFi router for 4 people, you can put "Adult = 1"!
<For Hotel Delivery>
If the clients want to pick up a WIFI router at their hotel, please choose and fill in the required information in the columns below when you make a reservation.
*Hotel Information: Please fill in hotel information including hotel name, address, and reservation no (if available).

<For Airport assistant pick-up>
If the clients want to pick up a WIFI router from our airport assistant, please go to https://new.ntaredballoon.jp/daytour/detail/2183  for a reservation
Return envelop & wifi pouch (device, charger & user manual in English and Italian)
*Language option for user manual: Spanish, French, Korean, Vietnamese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Malay
*Please return the pocket wifi device with the envelope provided. Domestic delivery postage included.
*Image is for reference only. A different type of device may be provided.
*We will charge penalty fees below when your clients take a wifi router or any items back to their country since we do not accept returning it by international shipping.
*This price is applied when they lose their wifi router or any items.
- Wifi router + all the items : 20,000 yen
- Wifi router : 16,000 yen
- Power Bank : 1,000 yen
- USB Cable : 1,000 yen
- AC adapter (plug-in) : 1,000 yen
- Pouch : 1,000 yen



Código del Tour

Nota de salida

2022-02-01 〜 2024-12-31   domingo/lunes/martes/miércoles/jueves/viernes/sábado

Terms & Conditions

★7 to 4 days before the service date
★3 to 1 day before the service date
★On the service date / No show


・Damage by the accident is covered by the insurance. In case we find it is intentionally broken, we will charge you for the compensation the same as for the loss.
・When the client receives the wifi device at the hotel and airport counter, identification documents may be required.
・If you have any trouble for wifi routers (Malfunction, loosing / breaking items and so on), please contact below:

Japan Wireless Customer Services
Operated by Inbound Platform Corp.
Address: SW Shimbashi Building 5F, 6-14-5, Shimbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan
WhatsApp: 080-4915-0135 (8am-11pm, daily, English or Chinese)
Tel: 03-6264-3639 (10am-7pm, daily, English or Chinese)
Email : cs@japan-wireless.com

Otra información

・We can send the pocket wifi all over Japan. Please enter the hotel information when making a reservation.

Meeting Point

Hotel Delivery




Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!!
Our office will be closed from 23rd December 2023 to 8th January 2024.
During this period, Miyabi system will stop receiving any request (New request, cancellation and modification) for the tour dates from 23rd December 2023 to 15th January 2024.




This booking is NOT immediately confirmed. NTA will check the availability with the supplier and will get back to you with the result once we receive the answer from the supplier. The summary of your request will be sent to you after booking, so please keep it.